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Booking Terms and Condition with Pure Surf and Yoga


The following General Terms & Conditions form the basis of your relationship with Pure Surf & Yoga (legal entity: Pure Surf and Yoga) as an Agency. Please read them carefully as they set out our bilateral respective rights and obligations. These General Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings of individual travel components or services that you make with Pure Surf & Yoga as set out in more detail herein.


To confirm a booking, the party leader must be authorized to make the booking on the basis of these General Terms & Conditions as well as the General Terms & Conditions of the supplier concerned by all persons named on the booking and their parent or guardian for all party members who are under 18 when the booking is made. By making the booking, the party leader confirms that he/she is so authorized. The party leader is responsible for making all payments due to us or the supplier concerned. The party leader must be at least 18 when the booking is made.

Once we have received your booking, we will, subject to availability, confirm your arrangements on behalf of the supplier concerned by issuing a confirmation. This confirmation will be sent to the party leader. Please check this confirmation carefully as soon as you receive it. Contact us immediately if any information, which appears on the confirmation or any other document appears to be incorrect or incomplete as it may not be possible to make changes later. We will take no responsibility for any errors in any documentation except where those errors are caused by us. Subject to this, we regret we cannot accept any liability if we are not notified of any inaccuracy in any document within 5 days of our sending it out. We will do our best to rectify any mistake notified to us outside these time limits but you must meet any costs involved in doing so. The only exception to this requirement to meet costs is where the mistake in question was made by us and there is good reason why you did not tell us about it within these time limits. A binding contract between you and the supplier concerned comes into existence when we send your confirmation on the supplier’s behalf to the party leader and the terms and conditions of the supplier, in addition to these conditions, will be applicable to the contract.


If you make a booking more than 30 days before you are due to arrive at your booked accommodation or before the first service of your booked travel starts, you must pay a deposit of 25% of the total booking value within 7 days of your booking and 75% within 30 days before your arrival. Every booking, which is placed in less than 30 days due the arrival date have to be paid full and in advance. As we act only as agent for the supplier(s) concerned, we reserve the right to pass on to you in full all additional costs and charges of whatever nature imposed by the supplier(s) in accordance with its own terms and conditions.


No problem, as long as we are given enough time and we have space to change the date of your surfing holiday or surfing lesson, then we will at no cost change your surfing holiday or lesson to suit you. There is no charge for first time changes, but after this there is a EUR 30 administration fee per change.


In line with the 1992 Travel Regulations, your refund will depend on how much notice we are given and how the conditions of the supplier's own conditions. All cancellations must be sent in writing (this can include e-mails) and will be effective on the date which they are received by Pure Surf & Yoga Cancellation charges are payable as follows:

  • More than 30 days before of your arrival 20% refund

  • Below 30 days of your arrival no refund is given by us

However if your cancellation is within the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to make a claim.


In extremely unlikely event we may need to charge, alter or cancel your holiday for good reason. We work in good faith and will strive to find a solution should it become necessary to adapt your booking. We reserve the right to make such changes should they become necessary. If there is a change to or cancellation of your booking we will pass on the new details to you together with any compensation that the supplier may offer. As agent only for the supplier we cannot accept any liability for any changes or cancellations made to your booking. Most of these changes will be minor and we will advise you or your travel agent of them at the earliest possible date. We reserve the right in unusual circumstances to cancel your travel arrangements. No compensation will be paid where the change or cancellation is due to Force Majeure. Force Majeure means unforeseeable and unusual circumstances beyond our control at Pure Surf and Yoga, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised. Such circumstances or events include (but are not limited to) war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, closure or congestion of airports, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster industrial dispute, and unavoidable technical problems with transport, fire and adverse weather conditions. If this may occur we do have an insurance with AXA where the money could be claimed back. The insurance is covering unforeseen circumstances.


If you have any special requests (for example dietary requirements, baby cots, room locations) please advise us at the time of booking. We will pass on all such requests to the supplier(s) of the arrangements you have booked, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that they will be met. Confirmation that a special request has been noted or passed on to the supplier(s) or the inclusion of the special request on your confirmation invoice or any other documentation is not confirmation that the request will be met and the request will not become a contractual obligation of the supplier concerned. Unless and until specifically confirmed, all special requests are subject to availability. Further, if the supplier(s) is unable to meet any such requests, neither we, nor they, will have any liability to you in this respect. If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability, which may affect your booking, please tell us before you confirm your booking so that we can advise as to the suitability of the chosen arrangements. In any event, you must give full details in writing at the time of booking. If we or the supplier reasonably feel unable to properly accommodate the particular needs of the person concerned, we must reserve the right on behalf of the supplier(s) concerned to decline their reservation or, if full details are not given at the time of booking, cancel the contract on behalf of the supplier(s) concerned when we become aware of these details.


Should you wish to make an amendment to your booking after it has been confirmed you must advise us as soon as possible. Whilst we will try to assist you we regret amendment requests cannot always be met. Where an amendment can be made, any costs incurred by ourselves and any costs or charges incurred or imposed by any of the suppliers of your arrangements need to be paid by you. The minimum fee for booking amendments is 50 EUR. If you change the number of people booked, the total price of your booking will be re-calculated for the new party size. If for example the party is reduced in number, this may mean that any accommodation you have booked is under-occupied and each of the remainder of the party may have to pay more. If you wish to make any change to the booking while on holiday (e.g. upgrading accommodation or extending your stay), all requests are subject to availability and any extra cost must be paid immediately.


In the unlikely event that you have any reason to complain or experience any problems with your arrangements whilst away, you must immediately inform the supplier or provider of the arrangement(s) in question. Any verbal notification must be put in writing and given to the suppliers `representative as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that we act only as agent for the supplier(s) concerned and therefore cannot accept any liability for your arrangements. However we will be willing to assist you in your claims. Please inform us as quickly as possible. Most problems can be dealt with quickly. Any assistance provided in resolving a complaint in relation to any arrangements is provided on a goodwill basis and in our capacity as agent only.


When you book with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss caused by you or any member of your party. Full payment for any such damage or loss must be paid direct at the time to the supplier(s) concerned. If you fail to do so, you will be responsible for meeting any claims subsequently made against us (together with our own and the other party’s full legal costs) as a result of your actions. Suppliers reserve the right at any time to terminate your stay/transfer or that of any member of your party due to your misconduct, where justified in their reasonable opinion. No refunds will be given. Furthermore, neither the suppliers nor we shall be under any obligation whatsoever to pay compensation or meet any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of your stay/transfer being terminated.


Please note, that the information and prices shown on this website may have changed by the time you come to book your arrangements. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the website and prices at the time of printing, regrettably errors do occasionally occur. You must therefore ensure you check all details of your chosen holiday (including the price) with us at the time of booking. Please note that the currency converter serves only as an orientation and may be inaccurate. The conversion rates are calculated by a third party provider and the accuracy is beyond our control. Please double check currency conversions with your local bank. There may be differences between the actual accommodation and its description. Occasionally, local problems may mean that some facilities or services become unavailable or subject to restriction. Some facilities or services may not be available during the low season owing changes in the weather or lack of demand from guests. We cannot accept responsibility for any changes or closures to area amenities or attractions. We cannot accept responsibility for any inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information about any accommodation or its facilities and/or services, except in the case of our gross negligence. Your rights in this regard are determined according to the terms & conditions of the supplier of your arrangement. Although we work only with good quality providers and give our best to provide you with an outstanding service and holiday there is always a small percentage for negativity left. Check trip advisor, facebook and other social media channels in case you are not sure that we provide you with enough information.


It is the party leader’s responsibility to ensure that all members of the party are in possession of all necessary travel and health documents before departure. All costs incurred in obtaining such documentation must be paid by you. We regret we cannot accept any liability if you or any member of your party are refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure on your part to carry correct documentation. You must check passport and visa requirements with the Embassy or Consulate of the country(ies) to or through which you are intending to travel. If failure to have any necessary travel or other documents results to fines, surcharges or other financial penalty being imposed on us, you will be responsible for reimbursing us accordingly.


Please note, it is the requirements and standards of the country in which any services which make up your holiday are provided which apply to those services. As a general rule, these requirements and standards will not be the same as in Australia, Europe or the US and may sometimes be lower.


We consider adequate travel insurance to be essential. Please read your policy details carefully and take them with you on holiday. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs. We do not check alternative insurance policies.


If you book via our website or have opted in other circumstances for us to contact you via email, we will communicate with you using the email address you have provided. We will assume that your email address is correct and that you understand the risks associated with using this form of communication. Please note that you may still have to contact us via our call centre or in writing as required in our terms and conditions.


The services, which make up your arrangements are provided by independent suppliers. Those suppliers provide these services in accordance with their own terms and conditions. Some of these terms and conditions may limit or exclude the supplier's liability to you. Copies of the relevant parts of these terms and conditions are available on the product detail pages of the particular trip/service or on request from ourselves or the supplier concerned.


This website may contain links to other websites. Except where they belong to us, such other websites are not under our control or maintained by us. We are not responsible for the content of such websites. We provide these links for your convenience only but do not monitor or endorse the material on them. We cannot accept any liability whatsoever and howsoever arising in relation to any such other websites (including, by way of example, any inability to access or delay in accessing any such other website) or in relation to any material or information appearing on them or which you may otherwise come across after leaving our site by way of a hypertext link or any other means or for any services or facilities of any description which you may book through or via any such website.


Place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes is Zürich, Switzerland.